Perquimans County, North Carolina

Part 3 of 3

No. 201. James Newby of Pasq, sold within Patent unto James Foster of Perq. Mar 9, 1702-3 Sarah Newby Ack. her Dower right. Test. Wm Barclift. Peter Godfrey.
No. 202. John Hopkins of Perq, for £3 to be pd in Pork, by John Hare Jr. sold 10a on North east side of Yeopim River, adj John Hare Sr. & John Hopkins. Nov 26, 1702. Test. James Coles, John Stepney.
No. 203. Mar 23, 1703. Robert Hosea of Perq, & Mary Rooks of same— assigned to "Robert Hosea, & heirs of his body, by my dau his wife, 150a on North west side of Deep Creek, formerly Surveyed by Richard Rooks." Test. John Anderson, John Foster.
No. 204. Isaac Wilson of Perq Pre'ct, planter — for £5 pd by Ralph Bosman. sold 150a "on East side of great Pond, to the small Ponds, & the head of Robert Wilsons Creek, & down said Branch to Horse Bridge, being line between Isaac Wilson & Samuel Phelps." Mar 9, 1702/3. Isaac Wilson, & Ann Wilson. Test. James Coles, Peter Godfrey.
No. 205. Mar 9, 1702/3. "In the first year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne, of England." Peter Gray of Chowan Pre'ct, planter—& Peter Godfrey of Perq Pre'ct, Merchant—for £3 paid by said Peter Gray, "all my Tenement" 144a on North side of the "Narrows" of Perq River, adj on one side Plan formerly Patrick Kenedies, & on the other, land of Wm Bogue, said land lately in the tenure of Peter Gray, father of said Peter Gray, since Dec'd, of which Peter Gray now hath part there-of. At a Court held at the house of Capt James Coles 1702/3. Test. John Falconer, Thomas Snoden.
No. 206. Oct 28, 1702. John Willoby of Perq precinct, to John Anderson, of same, for £19 11 pence, pd by said Anderson, assigns Plan. on Banks of Perq River - 248a, now in poss of said Willoby. Ack in Gen'l Court Oct 20, 1702. Test. Thomas Twedie, Wm Stephens, George Kinzerly.
No. 207. Mary Coffin, Widow—of Perq Pre'ct, for £3 Sterling, pd by James Anderson, of Same, assigns Land. Court at Capt James Coles, Mar, 1702. Test. James Coles, Peter Godfrey. Bundy. Esther Snelling was wife of John Winslow, thought to be a brother of Thomas Winslow, who married Elizabeth Clare, eldest dau of Timothy Clare, by his first wife Mary Bundy, dau of William Bundy. There were three other Clare children, all children of the first wife, respectively; Mary (twin to Elizabeth) who married Edward Mayo, Sarah who married John White, m 2d Jacob Elliott, Jane married 1st — Robinson & 2d Thomas Jessop, & Ann, thought to be the wife of William Newby. of Perq Co.
No. 208. Richard Davenport, of the Precinct of Perq, for "Natual Love & Aff. I bear to my son John Davenport, of same," assigns plan on Yeopim Creek, where said Richard now lives - 300a. Also one small Island, called "Bats grave," by Estimation 27a. July 3, 1703. Test. John Stepney, Ralph Fletcher.
No. 209. John Davenport of Perq Pre'ct, planter—for the "Yearly Rent of one ear of Indian, payable at the feast of pentecost, have sold to Richard Davenport, my father, all that plan whereon said Richard now lives," with the Island called "Batts Grave," 317a. July 13, 1703. Test. John Stepney, Peter Godfrey.
No. 210. July 13, 1703. Anthony Alexander, & Anne his wife, of Perq Pre'ct, to Thomas Evans of same, Boatright — for £26 assigned 359a, on Perq River. Test. James Foster, Peter Gray.
No. 211. Richard Burtonshall, & Priscilla my wife, of N. C. for £12 pd by John Yates, of same - 220a on West side of Perq River. July 13, 1703. Test. John Stepney, Peter Godfrey.
No. 212. Ralph Fletcher Sen'r of Perq Pre'ct, for "Love, & Natual Aff. that I do bear to my Son Ralph Fletcher Jun'r, Bequeath to said son all my plan lying betwixt land of Francis Toms Sen'r, & Land of Rachel Snelling," dau of Israel Dec'd. Jan 12, 1703/4. Thomas Snoden Clerk of Court. Test. Francis Foster, James Coles.
No. 213. Ralph Fletcher Jun'r of Perq Pre'ct, for Love & Aff. I bear My father Ralph Fletcher Sen'r. "do give to him half of that plan, between land of Francis Toms Sen'r, & Rachel Snelling," dau of Israel Dec'd. Jany 14, 1703/4. Test. Francis Foster, James Coles.
No. 214. Jan 10, 1703. Capt Ralph Fletcher of Perq Pre'ct, for £20 to Richard Burtonshall, Planter—assigns plan., now in poss of said Burtonshall, 300a. Reg Jan 13, 1703/4. Test. Thomas Snoden, Thomas Houghton.
No. 215. Jan 10, 1703/4. Francis Foster of Perq precinct, Gent—& Hannah his wife; to Thomas Snoden of same, Planter—for £8, assigns Land, "at the head of Thomas Atteways Land," on Pocoson, & Lillys Creek. Reg Jan 13, 1703/4. Test. Denis Macklenden, Thos Houghton, John Stepney.
No. 216. Wm Fryley of the Precinct of Chowan, Carpenter—& Grace his wife, to Capt James Coles of Perq Pre'ct, Carpenter — & Mary his wife - 640a on Wide of Perq River. Con  £70 Sterling. Reg Jan 13, 1703/4. Test. Richard French, Henry Sprig, Jno Brown.
No. 217. Aug 13, 1730. Bartholomew Phelps, & Elizabeth his wife, of Scuppennong, in Perq Pre'ct, Co of Albemarle, to Anthony Alexander of same, for £12 pd by said Anthony - 380a in Scuppennong, on the Sound, formerly owned by Beni Massagay. Reg Jan 13, 1703/4. Test. Thos Snoden, John Falconer.
No. 218. John Shaw assigns all Right to "within Contents," to James Newby. April 11, 1704. Test. Thos Snowden, John Stepney.
No. 219. April 11, 1704. James Morgan Sen'r of Perq Pre'ct, Planter— "for Love & Aff. I have to my son Williiam Morgan," hath given 100a to him, on Vosses Creek, adj James Thigpen, & Thomas Harveys plan.. Test. Anthony Haskins Sen'r (Haskit), Peter Gray.
No. 220. Jan 9, 1703. Peter Godfrey of Perq Pre'ct, Merchant—to Anthony Haskins Sen'r of same, planter—for £3 s5—pd by said Haskins, 140a on North side of Narrows of Perq River, adj plan. formerly Patrick Kennedies, & Wm Bogue, lately in tenue of Peter Gray dec'd. Test. John Brown, Richard Grey.
No. 221. July 13, 1702. John Anderson, & Jeane his wife, of Perq precinct, to John Hawkins of same, planter - 150a on North east side of Perquimans River, called "Norwoods Old field" Test. John Willoughbee, Robert White.
No. 222. Feb 22, 1703/4. Thomas Evins of Perq precinct, to Jeremiah Goodridge of same, for £30 in hand, assigned plan. purchased of Anthony Alexander - 359a late in the tenue of Thomas Evans. Test. Caleb Calleway, Thomas Snoden.
No. 223. Ralph Fletcher "the Elder," of Perq, "for Love & Aff, I do bear by Dau Margaret Harvey, wife of Thomas Harvey," of afore have given Land, adj that seated by Jenkins Williams, & East by Grassy point Gut. 170a. April 11, 1704. Test. John Stepney, Tho Snoden.
No. 224. David Harris, & Elizabeth his wife, to Thomas Harvey, 200a on Vosses Creek, adj John Morgan, Wm Morgan, & Francis Toms. Jan 2, 1703/4. Test. Ralph Fletcher, John Flowers.
No. 225. Thomas Harvey & Margaret his wife, for a Val. Con. in hand, pd by David Harris, assigns whole plan. (328a) on Grassy Point, on North west side, "with all things there unto, Except my Stock, & Movables." Jan 22, 1703/4. Test. Ralph Fletcher, John Flowers.
No. 226. James Beasley of Chowan Pre'ct, for a Val. Con. pd by Francis Wells of same, 282a upon Perq River, adj Pete Gray—a patent Granted Robert Beasley dec'd may 1, 1694. With Consent of my Wife Mary Beasley. April 10, 1704. Test. John Anderson, Peter Godfrey.
No. 227. Archibald Holmes Att to Wm Barrow, assigns "all right of within premises," to Anthony Wherry. April 11, 1704. Test. John Anderson.
No. 228. Wm Jackson assigns all Right of 208a, part of 312a named in Patent to Richard Nowell. July 11, 1704. Test. Tho Snoden, Denis Macklenden, John Anderson.
No. 229. John Winbury, by virtue of a Power, given me by Richard Nowell, assined Right of 200a part of 400a in Patent to Wm Jackson. July 11, 1704. Test. Tho Snoden, Denis Macklenden, John Anderson.
No. 230. Thomas Cartright Sen'r, to Samuel Right - 95a on South side of Deep Creek, adj Wm Godfrey, & Wm Hunt, "belonging to me Wm Terrell, in New England." April 25, 1704. Test. Thomas Twedie, Wm Twedie.
No. 231. Thomas Ayres, assigns "Right of within mentioned Deed of Sale," to Wm Williams. July 14, 1704. Test. John Stepney Reg of Perq.
No. 232. Anthony Haskit Sen'r, of Perq, assigns "all Right, wife Tabitha Joining with me" to land, unto son Anthony Haskitt Jun'r. July 11, 1704.
No. 233. James Anderson & Debrow, my wife, to John Volloway, both of Perq precinct, 275a, surveyed by Samuel Swann Jr, for Anthony Alexander, & sold by him to Thomas Harvey, by him unto Mary Coffin, & by said Mary to me. Land on South west side of Perq River, adj Francis Beasley. May 9, 1704. Test. John Anderson.
No. 234. Wm Williams of Chowan Pre'ct, Carpenter—for £10 s7 pd by Thomas Norcom, of same, planter—sold 150a in Perq precinct, Surveyed in the name of Richard Woolard, & sold by him to Thomes Ayres, & by said Ayres to me. Oct 7, 1704. Test. Thos Snoden, Aughter (Arthur) Carlton, Richard Woolard.
No. 235. Thomas Norcom of Perq precinct, planter - for a sum of money pd by Thos. Snoden of same, "assigns within mentioned Deed of Sale." Oct 7, 1704. Test. Arthur Carlton, Smethwick Warburton.
No. 236. Wm Bogue of Albemarle, for a Val. Con. pd by Wm Newby, conveyed to said Newby, Isaac Wilson, John Prickloe, & Wm Moore, one a. of Land, to belong to a Society of Protestant Desenters; Vulgarly called "Quakers" living in Perq precinct, "upon which a House of Worship has already been Built." Land formerly belonging to James Lodman, & now leased to Anthony Haskit, on Perq River. 2 day 6 mo 1704. Test. Francis Toms, Francis Wells, Francis Toms, Jr.
No. 237. John Davenport of Perq Pre'ct, planter for a Val. Sum pd by Alexander Ray, assigned 100a "on Albemarle Sound, Opposite Batts Grave." Reg Oct 12, 1704. Test. Archibald Holmes, John Anderson.
No. 238. John Foster, with Consent of my wife Elizabeth, assigns Right of within mentioned Deed of gift to John Davenport. Oct 10, 1704. Test. Dennis Macklenden, John Yates.
No. 239. Richard Burtonshall, assigns "Right to within Bill of Sale," to David Harris. 11 of 7 mo 1704. Test. Francis Toms, Ralph Fletcher.
No. 240. Jan 8, 1704/5. James Coles of Perq precinct, to John Pettiver of same, for £60 assigns "Dividend of Land Granted to John Peire, under the hand of Phillip Ludwell Gov; & Thomas Harvey, Francis Toms, Benj Laker, & Thomas Pollock, of the Counsel. By said John Peairee "Conveyed to Jacob Peterson, & said Peterson Dying left it to Mary wife of James Coles, she being widow of said Peterson." Test. John Falconer, John Foster.
No. 241. John Vollway & Jean my wife, for a Val. Con. assigns Land to David Right 50a. Surveyed by Samuel Swann Jr, for Anthony Alexander, & sold by him to Thomas Harvey, & by him to Mary Coffin, on South west side of Perq River. Dec 27, 1704. Test. John Vallway, Jan Vallway.
No. 242. John Yates & Elizabeth my wife, assigns "Bill of Sale," to Richard Burtonshall. Jan 5, 1704/5.
No. 243. John Norcom, & Elizabeth his wife of Perq precinct, for a Sum of Money pd by Henry Warring of same, sold Land on Sound side, adj Henry Norman, & Mr Mins (Ming) called the "Gore" 122a. Jan 6, 1704/5. Test. George Kinisle, Richard Leary.
No. 244. Henry Warring, & Elizabeth his wife, sold 400a on Yeopim Creek, to John Norcom, adj Land of Robert Harmon, & Anthony Wherry. known as "Walter Greens Plantation," on West side of Creek. Reg April 11, 1705.
No. 245. Richard Burtonshall of Perq Pre'ct, for a Val. Con. pd by Andrew Reed of same, assigned Plantation. April 9, 1705. Test. Dennis Macklenden, Tho Snoden.
No. 246. John N. Norcom, assigned unto Richard Skinner all Right to within Patent. April 10, 1705. Test. Wm Hall, Jno Falconer.
No. 247. Archibald Holmes, assigns within Patent, unto Edward Wilson. April 9, 1705.
No. 248. Alexander Ray, assigns "Right of within Deed of Sale" unto Archibald Holmes. April 10, 1705.
No. 249. Ezekiel Mauldin, for £7 s10 to me pd by Timothy Clear, assigns Land. April 26, 1705.
No. 250. Oct 26, 1704. Esau Albertson of Perq Pre'ct, planter—to Mary Rooks, Widow of Richard Rooks, for £5 pd by said Mary, assigns 150a at the head of Deep Creek, "now in Occupation of Me" by order of Counsel, Mar 29, 1701. Test. Samuel Norton, Tho Snoden, Geo Harris.
No. 251. Henry Warren, & Elizabeth his wife, for £10 slO pd by James Minge, sold Land called the "Gore" 122a, adj Henry Norman, & James Minges own Land. Mar 27, 1705. Test. Richard Leary, Jeremiah Banns.
No. 252. John Haire, assigns "Right of within Bill of Sale," to John Bennett Sen'r. Aug 29, 1705. Test. Jno Falconer, Samuel Hearse.
No. 253. John Hair, for £14 pd by John Bennett Sen'r, assigns 100a on North east side of Yeopim River, adj Geo Matthews, & Hopkins plantations. "Except a Nursery growing in my Corn field, & all my Corn, Peas, beans, & Cotton  growing in my fields." Aug 29, 1705. Test. Jno Falconer, Samuel Hearse.
No. 254. Wm White of Perq Pre'ct, for a Sum of Money, pd by Wm Pargeter, of same, sold "my Dividend of Land," on North east side of Yeopim River200a adj Lands Surveyed for the Dau of Richard Williams Dec'd, at a place called "Deep Branch." Oct 6, 1705. Test. Tho Snoden, Tho Houghton.
No. 255. John Falconer, of Chowan. Pre'ct, for a Sum of Money, pd by John Gray of Perq Pre'ct—assigns Land, "in the Narrows of Perq River," formerly property of Patrick Kenedy. Sept 3, 1705. Test. Tho Snoden, Tho Houghton.
No. 256. Arnold White, & Parthene his wife, to John Cartrett (Cartright) of Albemarle Co, for £6 pd by Aughter (Arthur) Carlton, of same, sold 200a on West side of Little River, up Deep Creek, on a Branch called "Sheltons Gut." Reg Jan 10, 1705. Test. Tho Snoden, John Stepney.
No. 257. The "Subscribers assign Right of within Deed of Sale," to Gilbert Goodale. Jan 8, 1705/6. Aughter (Arthur) Carlton. Test. John Stepney, Tho Snoden.
No. 258. Arther Carlton, of Chowan precinct, Wheelmaker—for £7 pd by Gilbert Goodale, of Perq Pre'ct, planter—sold 60a of Land called "Dogwood Neck." Jan 5, 1705/6. Arthur Carlton. Test. John Stepney, Tho Snoden.
No. 259. John Parish of Perq, for a "Val. sum of Money" pd by John Newby, of the Pre'ct of Pasquotank, sold Land. Jan 8, 1705. Test. Christopher Nichols, Samson Swann.
No. 260. Francis Toms of Albemarle, to Thomas Pierce, Wm Bogue, Isaac Wilson, & Gabriel Newby, one acre of Land, "to belong to a Society of Protestant Desenters, Vulgarly called Quakers, living in Perq Precinct" where on a "house is there built to Worship God in." Jan 11, 1705. Francis Toms Sen'r. Test. Mary Toms, John Stepney, James Coles.
No. 261. David Harris of Perq River, to Daniel Jones - 180a on Voss's Creek, & Long Branch, adj John Morgan, & Francis Toms. June 10, 1706. Test. Francis Toms Jun'r, Margaret Toms.
No. 262. Francis Wells of Albemarle. for a Val. Con. pd by Gabriel Newby—sold 50a of Land, adj Peter Gray, "part of Tract formerly belonging to Robert Beasley, & left to his son James Beasley." 17 d 7 mo 1706. Test. Richard Cheston, Wm Moore.
No. 263. John Bennett of Perq precinct, planter—for £13 pd by Daniel Hall of afore, planter—"Plantation on Wide of Indian Creek" - 120a. July 5, 1706.
No. 264. Thomas Pollock of Chowan precinct, to Samuel Bond of Perq, planter—"Right of Land on Perq River - 128a, where said Samuel now lives." July 2, 1706. Test. Wm Johnson, John Yates.
No. 265. Peter Baudrey of Perq precinct, Millwright—& Rachel my wife. for £13 p8 paid by Wm Long of afore. sold a Plantation. Sept 17, 1706. Test. Ann Stiball, Tho Snoden.
No. 266. Feb 6, 1705/6. Wm White of Perq precinct, planter - & Anne his wife. to Peter Baudry of same, Millwright—for £10 pd by said Baudry sold Land "on East side of Indian Creek, in Yeopim River" - 200a adj Land of Wm Parqittor, & Maj Alex. Lillington, now in poss' of said Wm White. Test. John Falconer, Tho. Snoden.
No. 267. Robert Douglas of Chowan precinct, planter—& Anne my wife,. for a sum of money pd by Edward Berry, of Perq precinct," assigns plan. on North east side of Yawpim River," adj Land belonging to dau of Richard Williams Dec'd, & John Hopkins - 200a. Surveyed in the name of Robert Inkinson dec'd, & now in the tenure of Edward Berry. Jan 15, 1705/6. Test. Tho's Clark, Tho Snoden.
No. 268. Edward Berry, for a Val. Con. sold to Peter Jones of Perq Pre'ct, "all right to within mentioned Deed," At a Court held for Perquimans Feb 1, 1705/6. Test. Wm Long, Tho. Snoden.
No. 269. Wm Glover of Perq precinct, Esq—for £28 pd by Jonathan Stanley, of same, Mariner—"all my Plan" 316a on South west side of Little River, between Lands of John Arnold, & Thomas Holloway. Reg April 15, 1707. Test. Robert Hosea, John Arnold, Joseph Glover, John Willoughby.
No. 270. Samuel Bond of Perq precinct, unto Susanna Robinson of same, part of Tract of Land where I now live, called "cuthrs" (Cruthers) 640a April 3, 1707. Test. Wm Carman, Timothy Winslo.
No. 271. Edward Phelps of Chowan precinct sold to Wm Stevens of Perquimans, 264a of Land. Jan 4, 1705/6. Test. Godfrey Spruiel, Geo Durant. Thomas Abington C. C. (Pasq Pre'ct).
No. 272. Edward Phelps of Albemarle, appoints Mr. James Fox of same, Att to this Court, in a sale of Land to Mr. Wm Stevens, of same, called "Whiteoak Land" on South side of Albemarle Sound, "between Scupernong, & gater." Aug 26, 1706. Frances Phelps, her dower right.
No. 273. Richard Leary, for a Val. Con. assigns a Patent, taken in the name of Jane Charles, lately in poss' of Tho's Norcom, & now in my possession. Aug 22, 1707. Test. John Stepney, Wm Long.
No. 274. Thomas & Mary Norcom doth make over unto Richard Leary, our right in Lands, in the Neck, between Yawpim Creek, & River. April 8, 1707. Test. John Lillington, Thomas Snoden. (Harveys Neck.)
No. 275. Richard Leary of Perq precinct, appoints Mr. James Ming, of same place, merchant—Att to sell Land to John Wyatt, on west side of Yawpim Creek - 288a adj John Barrows line. Sept 22, 1707. Test. Edward Wilson, Win Wilson.
No. 276. John Wyatt, & Rachel my wife, assign our right of within patent unto Richard Leary. Aug 22, 1707. Test. John Stepney, Wm Long.
No. 277. John Bennet, assigns right to within deed of sale of John Bennet Sen'r. Aug 13, 1707. Test. Tho. Horton, Wm Houghton. George Lumley Cik Court.
No. 278. John Benet, assigns right to John Yelverton. Aug 13, 1707.
No. 279. John Bennet assigns right to within Deed, to John Yelverton. Aug 13, 1707. Test. Tho Houghton, Wm Houghton.
No. 280. Daniel Guthry of Perq precinct, assigns Right of a Patent of Land, to Edward Ellston, of Gloster Co in Virginia. Jan 12, 1708/9. Test. Richard French, Isaac Wilson.
No. 281. John Flowers Sen'r assigns Right, to David Harris. Jan 12, 1708. Test. Timothy Clare, John Stepney.
No. 282. David Harris, assigns Right, to Peter Howerd. Jan 10, 1708/9. Test. Timothy Clare, John Stepney.
No. 283. Daniel Jones of Albemarle, for a Val. Con. sold unto Timothy Clare, 180a in Perq Pre'ct, "upon Vosses Creek, adj Land of John Morgan, & Francis Toms. Land purchased by me of David Harris." June 10, 1706. Seal Jan 8, 1708. Test. Gab'l Newby, Wm Newby Jun'r.
No. 284. "Samuel Bond, & Elizabeth my wife of Perq precinct, to John Pricklowe of same, all Right in a Tract of Land on Cypress Swamp - 625a, adj land of Gabriel, & Nathan Newby." 13d, mo 1708. Test. Wm Bogue, Peter Albertson.
No. 286. Samuel Nicholson of Perq River, "in Con. of the Love I bear my Dau Abigal Albertson, do give to her my plan. at the River side, next to Ezekiel Modlins line, the other part being possessed by Ann Dorman. Said Dau to have one half of said Land - 200a, & if she die without issue, to dau Hannah Nicholson." 12d, 2mo 1708. Samuel & Elizabeth Nicholson.
No. 286. John Hallum of Perq Pre'ct, for a Val. Con. in hand, to Thomas Bartlett, "Right of Land at the head of Lilleys Creek," adj Wm Godfrey - 150a. Mar 10, 1709. Test. Harris Willoughby, I. Darm.
No. 287. John Hopkins, with Consent of Sarah his wife, deed to Thomas Long. Con. £27 pd by said Long. Jan 6, 1708/9. Test. John stepney, Richard Leary.
No. 288. Christopher Nicholson, & Mary his wife, "of the North - side of Suttons Creek, on the Road of Perq," assigns Right of a Patent to Nathaniel Albertson. May 3, 1709. Test. Orlando Payne, Nathaniel Nicholson.
No. 289. Charles Wilkins planter—& Elizabeth my wife to Patrick Eggerton, 15a on North east side of Yeopim River, Pattented in the name of James Fisher dec'd, & since in Occupation of Patrick Eggerton, planter. Feb 1, 1708;9. Test. Nicholas Crisp, Daniel Cox.
No. 290. John Lillington of Chowan Pre'ct, Gent—for £35 pd by John Bennett of Perq precinct, 170a of Land in Perq, upon Yeopim Creek. Surveyed in the name of Maj Alex Lillington. April 1, 1709. Test. Thomas Snowden, Mary Jackson.
No. 291. John Yelverton, & Elizabeth my wife, "do assign our Right of within Pattent to Patrick Eggerton." July 12, 1709. Richard Leary Cik.
No. 292. John. Yelverton & Elizabeth my wife. (To same) July 12, 1709. Test. Lemuel Taylor, Peter Hord.
No. 293. John Yelverton & wife Elizabeth. (Same Parties) July 14, 1709.
No. 294. Thomas Harvey of Perq Pre'ct, Planter - for £25 pd by Timothy Clare of same, sold Land on Upper Vosses Creek, adj Land of John Morgan, William Morgan, & Francis Toms - 200a. "An Estate of Inheritance." Test. Wm Moore, Joseph Jessop. Thomas & Margaret Harvey. Samuel Nicholson, Att to Margaret Harvey. Ack in Gen'l Court Mar 31, 1709. Go Lumly Clk.
No. 295. John Newby assigns "Right to within Bill of Sale" - 333a purchased by me of John Parish," unto Barneba Nixon, 9d 2mo 1707. Test. Christopher Nicholson, John Flower.
No. 296. Daniel Right, "in behalf of Mysel, heirs, & E'xors sold Land, as to me granted" 14 of 8 mo 1707. Daniel, & Anne Right.
No. 297. Sept 3, 1707. Anthony Rawlings, & Katherine his wife, John Peirson & Rebeckah his wife, & Rachel Dawson of the Co of Dawchester, in Maryland, to Isaac Wilson of Albemarle, for 15,000 lbs of Tobacco Land called "Dawsons" on South west side of Perq River, adj Capt James Coles, & Jonathan Evens, 600a. Test. John Rawlings, Joseph Kennerly, Thomas Taylor.
No. 298. Maryland, Dorchester Co. Sept 3, 1707. "Before her Magesties Justices, Sitting, the within Named Anthony Rawlings, & Katherine his wife, John Peirson & Rebeckah his wife, and Rachel Dawson did Ack deed, unto said Isaac Wilson." Reg Oct 11, 1709. John Stepney Reg of Perq. Her Enleston Clk.
No. 299. Anthony Rawlings, & Catherine his wife, John Peirson & Rebeckah his wife, & Rachel Dawson, of Dorchester Co, in the Pro' of Maryland, appoints our Friend James Thigpen, & John Stepney, Lawful Att. Sept 3, 1707. Test. John Rawlings, Thos Taylor, Joseph Kennerly. Thomas Evenden. Reg Oct 14, 1709. Her Eventon Clk.
No. 300. Peter Jones, assigns "Right of within Deed of Gift, to Henry Coggwell," for £4 s5. Jan 10, 1709. Peter, & Anne Jones. Test. John Falconer, Sam'l Philps. Richard Leary Clk.
No. 301. John Woolard of Perq Pre'ct, Labourer - for £25 pd by Wm Eggerton, of afore Planter - 200a part of Tract, (300a) "Pattented in the name of Rich'd Woolard, my dec'd Father," now in the tenure of said Eggerton. April 6, 1710. Test. Anne Stiball, Thomas Snoden. Edward Bonwick Clk.
No. 302. Dec 18, 1707. Thomas Houghton of Perq Pre'ct, Taylor - to Thomas Snowden Sen'r of afore Gentleman - for £25 assigns 196a on North side of Yawpim River, called "Philpotts old field." Cavey Houghton, her dower rights. Test. Wm Brethett, Thomas Legrave. Go Lumley Clk.
No. 303. Thomas Snowden, assigns "Right of Within Deed of Sale" to Wm Phillips. Jan 5, 1709/10. Test. Rich'd Morris, Wm Brethett. Edward Bonwick Clk.
No. 304. Wm Phillips assigns "Right of within Deed of Sale unto John Wiatt." Dec 15, 1711. Test. Joseph Sutton, John Stepney. Richard Leary Clk.
No. 305. John Hopkins, & Sarah his wife, for £100 sold to Joshua Calloway Right to Land, "except 10a" sold to John Hare. Feb 15, 1710. Test. Henry Cookson, John Stepney.
No. 306. May 22, 1711. Peter Horde of Perq Pre'ct, Carpenter - to James Coles of same, Carpenter - for £30 pd by said Coles (with Consent of his wife Elizabeth) sold 200a on North east side of Perq River, adj Grassy Point,purchased by said Peter of David Harris. Test. Francis Beasley, Thomas Grayling, John Vallaway.
No. 307. Aug 13, 1711. Anthony Dawson of Newton in the Co of Glocester, & Providence of New Jersey, Yeoman—to Isaac Wilson of Perq Pre'ct in N. C. for £25 pd by said Wilson 590a of Land on South side of Perq River, now in poss  of said Isaac Wilson. Test. Joseph Jessop, John Kay Jun'r, John Kay.
No. 308. Anthony Dawson of Newton New Jersey, appoints beloved friend Francis Toms, the Elder; & Francis Toms, the Younger both of Perq River, in N. C. Lawful Att, to ack deed in open Court unto Isaac Wilson, for 590a of Land. Test. Joseph Jessop, John Kay Jun, John Kay. Reg Jan 14, 1712/13.
No. 309. We the Subscribers do make over within deed of Sale unto Thomas Blitchenden. Test. John Norcom. Samuel Taylor. Ack in open Court Jan 13, 1712.
No. 310. James Coles of Perq, assigns "Rite" of a Patent, to James Perishoe, of afore. Aug 12, 1712.
No. 311. Daniel Garrant, & Jane his wife, assigns Right of Land, to Daniel Hall. April 14, 1712/13. Test. Mathias Giles, John Bennet. Henry Clayton Clk.
No. 312. Wm Tetterton, assigns his Right of Land to James Sitterson, for £9. William & Sarah Tetterton. Test. Thomas Blitchenden, John Stepney. Reg Apl 15, 1713.
No 313. John Bennet Sen'r & "Rose my wife," for a Val. Con. unto Peter Jones; a tract of Land. Sept 20, 1709. Test. Thomas Snoden, Robert Jones.
No. 314. Edward Arvingdile, & Comfort his wife of Chowan precinct, for £8 "doth convey unto Rich'd Morris of same, Land Surveyed & Entered for Jesterling Petite" -264a in Perq Pre'ct, at the head of Maj Lillingtons Creek. Oct 3, 1712. Test. Wm Breithwaile, Robert Jones.
No. 315. Richard Cheston of Perq precinct, Cooper—Atty of George Fox, of Isle of Wight Co, Virginia, planter—" Whereas the Lords Pro' of N. C. did Grant unto Richard Fox father of said George, 200a in Perq precinct on Perq River," adj Land of Joseph Jessop, formerly Land of Timothy Clear, as by pattent upon record, Richard Cheston Att for George Fox the Elder, son & heir of Richard Fox, Con. £5 pd by Wm Bogue of Perq precinct, sold plan. on Perq River, now in poss' of Wm Moore, & Thomas Winslow. April 10, 1713. Test. Thomas Pierce, Francis Toms, John Barrow.
No. 316. George Fox of Isle of Wight, in Virginia, Appoints friend Richard Cheston of N. C. Lawfull Att' to Ack. to Wm Bogue of Perq, sale of land, pattented by my father Richard Fox, in the "Narrows" of Perq River. Test. Thomas Perry, Joseph Jessop. Mar 1, 1711. Henry Clayton Clk.
No. 317. George Fox of Isle of Wight Co in Vir., am firmly bound unto Win Bogue of N. C. for the sum of £100, in Con. of a plan. on the "Narrows" of Perq River, now in poss' of said Bogue. Mar 1, 1710/11. Test. Thomas Perry, Joseph Jessop.
No. 318. "I do assign right of within Bond" to Wm Moore. April 14, 1713. Test. Francis Toms, Joseph Jessop. William Bogue.
No. 319. Wm Bogue assigns Right of within mentioned Deed of Sale, to Win Moore for a valuable Con. July 14, 1713. Test. John Stepney, Joseph Jessop.
No. 320, Timothy Clear, for the sum £40 "Silver Money," pd by Joseph Jessop, sold Land mentioned in Pattent. 9 day of June, 1713. Test. Wm Carman, Elizabeth Carman. Hannah Clear, her dower Right.
No. 321. John Johnson of Perq Pre'ct, for a Con. pd by James Anderson of same, 15a, being "part of a tract" belonging to John Thurston, (63a) at the mouth of Suttons Creek, adj Joseph Sutton Jun'r, & John Kinsey. Dec. 12, 1711. Test. Edward Sweeney, Joseph Sutton.
No. 322. Timothy Clear of Albemarle, Planter—for a Con. assigns unto Wm Carman, of ye same Co, Planter - 265a on North side of Perq River "adj Timothy Clears own Land," on North side of "Brambly Branch," the line of Wm Butler, called "Round House." July 8, 1713. Test. Sarah Clear, Joseph Jessop.
No. 323. John Lillington of the Peect of Chowan; Whereas the Lords Pro. of Carolina (by Grant Mar 31, 1691) "did give to Alex. Lillington Esq, Father of said John 640a On eastermost side of Indian Creek, in Perq precinct," do sell to John Banks, for £56 said Land, "now in his possession." Apl 10, 1713. Test. Jonathan Ashford, Thomas Cook.
No. 324. Aug 11, 1713. Robert Moore of Perquimans, & Hannah my wife, assign "our Right of within Patent," to William Lacy. Test. Henry Clayton.
No. 325. Thomas Meriday & Elizabeth my wife, dau of John Larance (Lawrence) Dec'd "son of Old William Larence, the first in the Co of Albemarle, N. C." for £35 pd by Francis Toms, assign our Right of 1/2 acre of Land on North side of Perq River," on line formerly Thomas Finkles. now in Possession of Elizabeth Goodlet." Reg Aug 13, 1713. Test. Caleb Bundy, Edward Mayo, John Henry.
No. 326. April 1, 1713. Jonathan Stanley of Perq Pre'ct. & Elizabeth his wife, to Cornelius Ratcliff, of same, for £35 sold a plan., which "1 purchased of Hon'ble Win Glover Esq" - 313a between lands of John Arnold & Thomas Holloway. Reg Aug 13, 1713. Test. T Knight, Richard Sanderson.
No. 327. John Norcom, & "Elizabeth my wife" of Perquimans, for £40 pd by Samuel Wiatt, Planter—do Sell plan. 440a on West side of Yawpim Creek, adj Robert Harmon, & Anthony Wherry, called "John Norcom Plantation." an Est' of Inheritance. Reg Oct 20, 1713. Test. Richard Leary, John Wiatt.
No. 328. William Moore of Perquimans, assigns Right of within Patent, to Timothy Clar. Jan 12, 1713. Reg Jan 20, 1713.
No. 329. Daniel Hall & Rose "ye wife of said Daniel," of Perq Pre'ct, for £8 pd by Daniel Garrant, Late of the Pre'ct of Chowan, Weaver—conveyed 100a, where said Hall now lives, adj John Hopkins. An Est' of Inheritance. Oct 10, 1712. Test. John Falconer, George Land.
No. 330. I do assign my Right of within mentioned Deed of Sale to Francis Carpenter Jun'r. Jan 12, 1713/14. Test. James Minge, Joshua Calleway. Daniel Hall.
No. 331. Nov 9, 1709. John Lillington of Chowan Pre'ct, Abraham Warren, Mary Evens of Perq Pre'ct, for £55 pd by said Warren, & Mary, Sold 301a upon Little River, adj Lands of Capt John Hecklefield, & George Kinsley, said land formerly Capt. George Cleerke's of afore, & was Surveyed for George Lillington Nov 26, 1697, Wm Swann being Dept Surveyor, but now in the tenure of said Warren, Mary Evans, & Francis Pennis (Penrice), said Mary being widow of George Clerke. Test. George Lumley, John Hecklefield.
No. 332. Albert Albertson for £14 pd by William Jackson Jun'r, of Perq Pre'ct, Planter—assigns Land. April 8, 1712. Test. Richard French, Edward Bonwick.
No. 333. Elizabeth Scott, (dau of Charles Scott, Late of Albemarle,) for £8 pd by Gabriel Newby of same, 60a, on said Newbys line, purchased by my father Samuel Charles (father-in-law) Jan 1, 1696/7. Seal April 13, 1714. Test. Richard French, Jno Middleton, Richard Skinner.
No. 334. Peter Jones of the Pre'ct of Perq. Planter—to Wm Tetterton of afore for £15 sold 200a on North side of Yeopim River. "Land belonging to the Daus of Richard Williams Dec'd," lately in poss' of John Hopkins. Surveyed in the name of Robert Inkinson, Dec'd, and now in the tenure of Peter Jones. Mar 8, 1711-12. Test. Anne Stiball, Thomas Snoden.
No. 335. Richard Sanderson Jun'r of Currituck Pre'ct Gent—to Thomas Robinson of Perq Pre'ct, Carpenter - 400a on Little River, formerly Land of John King, & lately land of William Glover Esq, Con. £50. Reg July 15, 1714. Test. Benia West, J. Palin.
No. 336. Perq Pre'ct. Wm Tetterton, & "Sarah my wife," for a Con. pd by John Norcom of same, assigns Plantation. Reg. July 15, 1714. Test. Henry Clayton, Margaret Pevell.
No. 337. Wm Tetterton & Sarah my wife, James Cittison & Hannah my wife of Perq Pre'ct: Whereas; John Lilly in his life time did for a sum due from Charles Macdaniel, Late of afore obtained a Judgement against said Macdaniel, "on a Moyrty of Land" belonging to said Macdaniel on North side of the Narrows" of Perq River - 500a to Thomas Blitchenden for £3 pd by said Blitchenden, our Right in aforesaid Land, "Entered by said John Lilly. April 14, 1713. Test. John Stepney, Tho Snowden. Court at the house of Mr Richard French. (Thomas Blitchenden assigned said Land to Anthony Haskitt.)
No. 388. Samuel Bond of Perq Pre'ct, for £25 s5 pd by Henry Grace, of afore sold 640a on South - west side of Perq River, adj Francis Toms. Reg July 15, 1714. Test. Joseph Jessop, Wm Kitching.
No. 339. Henry Grace of Perq, for £20 sold Tract of Land in said Co to Thomas Blitchenden, "of ye said place"—on South side of "Mulberry Branch," by joint Consent of Samuel Bond, & Henry Grace. Reback Grace her dower right. Reg Aug 12, 1714. Test. Richard French, John Stepney.
No. 340. Wm Kitching & Margaret Snook of Perq, for £4 s10 pd by Wm Carman of afore 100a adj the Bridge, on Isaac Wilsons line, called "Cabin Point Except Ground Sufficient, for a House 20 foot square at Bridge Landing." Our Right as by Patent April 1, 1713. Seal Aug 17 1714. Test. Wm Brem, Samuel Bond, Thomas Lilly.
No. 341. Wm Moore assigns Land to Richard Gray for £16. June 11, 1714. Test. Anthony Haskit, Joseph Jessop. John Lillington Clk.
No. 342. Ruth Parieter, widow, "for Love, doth give a plan. formerly belonging to my father Richard Williams," & given by him to me, & my husband Wm Parieter, to his son William, Also four head of cattle, two cows, that his father gave him, & the other given by Wm White, also one Young mare, negroes & Land—one pair of Mill Stones, bought of John Falconer, one great Chest, one Iron Pot, & Pot Hooks, to my son Wm Parieter when he comes of age." Aug 27, 1714. Test. Lemuel Taylor, John Stepney.
No. 343. Ann Wilson Widow—of Perq Pre'ct do Give unto Ralph Boseman of same—for £50 900a on South west side of Perq River, adj Samuel Bond & Henry Grace, & the line of Joseph Smith. Another Parcell of Land 300a on said Bosemans line, & the line of Benj Wilson, called "Little Neck," given to said Benj by his father, on Robert Wilsons line. Oct 12, 1714. Test. John Falconer, Thomas Blitchenden.
No. 344. James Foster cloth sell to Samuel Right (Wright) Land, adj Thomas Robeson. Reg 13 — 1714. Test. Thomas Snoden, George Lo.
No. 345. Oct 12, 1714. James Foster to Win Jackson, 290a of Land. Test. Edward Jackson, Samuel S. Wright. Richard Leary Clk.
No. 346. Ralph Bosman for £50, assigns Right unto Ann Wilson widow. Jan. 14, 1714. Test. John Pettiver, Henry Clayton.
No. 347. John Pettiver of Perq Pre'ct, Gent—in consideration of a Negro Girl Named Philis, delivered by Thomas Pierce of same, Planter—doth give & grant to him 300a on Wide of Perq River. Said Land purchased of the late Mr James Coles Dec'd, Now in the tenure of John Mason. "Except ten-foot square, where Jacob Peterson, & James Cole lies intered." Reg Jan 25, 1714/15. Test. Thomas Long, Henry Clayton.
No. 348. Archibald Holmes of the Co of Bath, Cooper—in Con. of the Love I bear Sarah Jones, late wife of Daniel Jones dec'd do give Tract of Land on South side of Perq River, adj Land said Holmes sold to Edward Wilson Dec'd, known by the name of "Rays Old field." James Minge Att to Archibald Homes. Reg June 25, 1714.
No. 349. Richard Gray for £10 received of Wm Carman, assigns "Within Patent of Land." Feb 25, 1714. Test. Joseph Jessop.
No. 350. Mary Spellman, (dau of John Spellman, of Perq River, Dec'd) for "12 Barrels of Pitch, Received of John Pettiver," sold 300a in the fork of Lakers Creek, adj to Capt Guttery & Land of Andrew Reed. Mary Spellman 21 years of age Aug 2, 1715. Deed Aug 9, 1715. Test. Jno Falconer, James Williamson. At an Orphans Court at the House of Mr. Richard Frencfi, on Perq River.
No. 351. Mary Spellman a single woman, is firmly bound to John Pettiver, for the sum of £30. Sale of Land. Aug 9, 1715. Test. Jno Falconer, James Williamson.
No. 352. Samuel Wiatt of Perq Pre'ct, Planter—to his brother Thomas Wiatt of same, For £12 have "given a Tract of Land on ye mouth of Yeopim River, & Creek," adj Land of John Wiatt, left me by my father William Wiatt, dec'd. April 6, 1714. Elizabeth Wiatt, her dower right. Test. John Stepney, John Wiatt.
No. 353. Wm Kitching for £10 pd by — Harell, assigns "Right to Remaining part of within mentioned Tract of Land." Oct 10, 1715. Margaret Kitching her dower right. Test. Thomas Blitchenden, Joseph Jessop.
No. 354. Wm Carman of Perq Pre'ct, for Love & good will I bear to my George Simons of same, & Susanna his wife, and their Dau Elizabeth, do give 90a of Land called "Butlers Neck." A Patent from Lords Pro. to George Simons, & wife Susanna, & at their Decease to their dau Elizabeth. Oct 10, 1715. Test. Wm Kitching, Joseph
No. 355 Ann Wilson Sen'r, Widow—of Perq Pre'ct for Love I bear my son Isaac Wilson, do give to him 900a on West  side of Perq River, adj Samuel Bond, & Henry Grace, on line of Joseph Smith. Another Parcell of Land 300a on South west side of Perq River, adj Benj Wilson, called "The Little House Neck" being upon Robert Wilsons line, running to Cypress Swamp. At a Court at Mr. Richard French, Perq River Oct 11, 1715. Test. John Falconer, Wm Kitching.
No. 356. Timothy Clear, of Albemarle, for £15 s5 pd by Francis Smith, of afore sold 300a in the "Narrows" of Perq River, commonly called "Sanders Dock" Patented in the name of Ezekiel Maudlin, & assigned by him to me July 10, 1705. Seal Aug 25, 1715. Court at Mr Richard French Oct 11, 1715.
No 357. "I Charles Overman & Ann my wife, for £9 pd by Ephrim Overman, "our brother," assigns Right of a Patent. Jan 10, 1715/16. John Mackey Att for Ann Overman. Test. Jno Falconer, Richard Leary. At a Court held at the House of Elizabeth French, in Perquimans Jan 10, 1715/16.
No. 358. Thomas Williams & Sarah my wife, for £37 pd by Richard Bound 500a on the Sound, called "Homes." Feb 1, 1715/16. Test. James Minge, John Barrow.
No. 359. Oct 1, 1715. Richard Ratcliffe, Planter—of Perq Pre'ct, to Wm Hall, Blacksmith—by order of my Brother Cornelius Ratcliffe, Carpenter— Late of Perq Pre'ct for £40 pd by said Hall assigns plan. which my Brother Cornelius bought of Jonathan Stanley, & Elizabeth his wife - 313a on West  side of Little River, between Lands of John Arnold, & Thomas Holloway. Test. Daniel Guthrie, Christopher Dudley.
No. 360. John Pettiver, of Perq Pre'ct, Merch't—am firmly bound unto Daniel Richardson Esq, of ye afore in the Penal Sum of £500 to be pd in "either good Pitch, or Pork," sealed with my Seal, & dated Jan ye 2, 1715/16. In Con. of a Marriage to be Solumnized between said John Pettiver, & Ann Wilson (Widow, & Relict of Isaac Wilson Late of Perquimans Dec'd) "said Marriage has been Solumnized." Test. John Lovick, Francis James. Reg May 4, 1716.
No. 361. Thomas Blitchenden of Perq Pre'ct for £20 pd by Charles Denman, of afore, Merchant—Convey to said Denman 100a called the "Gore" adj Henry Norman, James Minge, & the Sound side. April 10, 1716.
No. 362. Nathaniel Nicholson, & Sarah his wife, assigns Right of Land to Abraham Warren. Mar 31, 1709. Test. George Lumley.
No. 363. Abraham Warren, & Mary his wife assigns Right of within mentioned Land to Benjamin Nicholson. Mar 31, 1709. Entered by George Lumley Clk Of Gen'l Court.
No. 364. Nathaniel Nicholson, assigns "Right of said Patent" to Abraham Mullen, 2101/2a April 10, 1716. Test. Jo Jessop, Rich'd Whidby.
No. 365. Harris Willoby, & "Mary my now wife," for a valuable Con. pd by Francis Layden, assigned Land, which belonged to George Kinserly Dec'd, of which said Harris is now possessed. Reg May 4, 1716. Henry Palin Clk Of Gen'l Court. Test. Thomas Collins, Roger Middleton.
No. 366. Richard Bound of Perq pre'ct for the sum of £16 s15 pd by Francis Beasley of same, sold 200a, which I bought of Richard Morris, of said Pre'ct, on East side of Maj Lillingtons Land, on Yeopim Creek, where said Beasley now lives, "with Consent of Abigail my wife." April 10, 1716. Test. Jo Oalst (Oats), Timothy Truelove.
No. 367. Joshua Calleway of Perq Pre'ct, for £36 pd by John Davis of same, conveyed Right to one half of plan. on Lillies Creek, in the mouth of Perq River, Patented in the name of Ann, & Elizabeth Walker, 350a, now in the tenure of said John Davis. Aug 14, 1711. Test. Thomas Harvey, Richard Leary.
No. 368. May 7, 1716. I do hereby assign all my Right of the within Deed of Sale, to Wm Archdeacon. John Davis, & Mary Davis. Test. Callum Flyn.
No. 369. John Davis of Bath Co, for £30 610 pd by Wm Archdeacon, of ye Co of Albemarle, in the mouth of Perq River, on a Creek called "Lillys Creek" 175a purchased by me of Joshua Calleway, being part of 350a Patent to Ann & Elizabeth Walker. June 12, 1716. Test. Jo Drinkwater, Ellener Melloyn, Arthur Harris.
No. 370. Wm Carman of Perq in N. C. for a sum of Money, pd by Joseph Jessop, "do Convey Land in the Narrows of Perq River," 318a on South west side, on line of Ann Wilson, at the head of Indian Creek. July 5, 1716. Test. Jonathan Evens, Joseph Oates.
No. 371. Henry Hill "of ye upper Parish of Nansemond Co" for 5,000 lbs of Tobacco, to me pd by William Eason, assigns Right of 600a on ye main desert of Perq River, on line of Christopher Givens. Patented by me Aug 30, 1714. Deed Feb 16, 1714/15. Henry Hill & Mary Hill. Test. John Sutton, Farlow Quinn, Henry Hill.
No. 372. Sept 1, 1715. Thomas Long, & Elizabeth his wife of ye Pre'ct of Chowan, to Richard Widby of Perq Pre'ct for £20 Tract of Land 125a, called "ye Rich Land," adj said Whidby. Test. Joseph Sutton Sen'r, Wm Havett.
No. 373. Thomas Williams & Sarah his wife, for £5 sold to John Stepney, & Joshua Callaway, of Perq Pre'ct, 100a on ye Sound side, fronting "Batts Grave," & joining Land where Matthew Giles formerly lived, also where Archibald Holmes formerly lived, & sold to Edward Wilson Dec'd. Feb 21, 1715. Test. John Falconer, James Stepney.
No. 374. "Know all men that I Kilcocanen King of Yeopim, for a Val. Con. Received, with the Consent of my People, have sold to George Durant, a parcell of Land on Roanoke Sound, on a River called Perquimans, which issueth out of the North side of the Sound," adj Land formerly sold to Samuel Pricklove. 1 day of March, 1661. Kilcocanen or Kistotanew. Test. Thomas Weamouth, Caleb Calleway. Reg Oct 24, 1716.
No. 375. "I Kiskitando King of Yeopim, do sell to George Durant, a Parcell of Land on Perquimans River, Aug 4, 1661. Cuscutenew. Test. Thomas Weamouth, Caleb Calleway. Reg Oct 24, 1716. John Stepney Reg.
No. 376. Whereas George Durant hath Seated a plan. on Roanoke Sound, "on a Point" known by name of "Wicocombe" between two Rivers, called Perquimans & Kototine, (Indian name for Little River) & George Catchminy has obtained a Grant of the Hon'ble Gov of Va, for the whole Neck of Land, betwixt the two Rivers, part of which is claimed by said George Durant, George Catchmany assigns Land "on ye Neck," on a small Creek which divideth Land from Neck called "Langleys" to a small "Piece of Ground where said Durant did begin to Clear, but desisted, George Catchmany doth assign Pattyn." Mar 13, 1662. Test. John Jenkins, Edward Remington.
No. 377. Albemarle. 1673/4. Have settled with Mr. George Durant, & "there is not any thing Else betwixt us" Mar ye 11, 1673. Timo Biggs.
No. 378. "At a Court Holden ye 26 of Nov 1679;" present, John Harvey Esq Gov'r, John Willoughby Esq, Richard Foster Esq, John Jenkins Esq, Anthony Slocum Esq, Robert Holden Esq, Lords Dept' Wm Cracofard Esq, James Blount Esq, John Varnham Esq, Assistants; ordered that Mr. George Durants Land "Comprehended in said Catchmanys Pattyn, be Surveyed, & his Rights in his own name drawn to effect same." A true copy of the Original. Henderson Walker Clk. Edward Mayor Register. Reg ye 24 Oct, 1716. John Stepney Reg.
No. 379. Grant from Lords Pro. to Mr George Durant, "that Parcell of Land in a certain Neck Betwixt two Rivers, called Perquimans, & Katatine," which divideth land from a Neck called "Langleys." Dec 26, 1673. Reg Oct 24. 1716. John Stepney, Reg of Writings for Perq Pre'ct.
No. 380. Deposition of Richard Watrey, age 51 years, "designed to go Southwards about 1662, to see how he might like the Place" At which time Mr. George Catchmany desired the Dept' to go to the Place, where Mr. George Durant was Seated, & was shown the Land, Intended by him for Mr. Catchmany, & returned to Va. About a Month later Mr. Catchmany employed the Dept' to go with three hands, to settle, & Seat said Land, & went with us himself. Coming to the House of Mr George Durant, he heard, & saw them conclude A line, dividing Between them, at a pine on the Sound, extending toward Land Seated by Coll Caltropp, & agreed that Catchmany have Land East ward, & Durant Land on the West ward. Also heard that Sir William Berkeley lately arrived from England had resolved that the Inhabitance of the South should hold no longer by Indian Titles. Dec 5, 1687. Richard Watrey appeared Before me & made Oath. Jno. Leary.
No. 381. (Deposition) Dep. of John Barrow "aged 50 years, saith; to his knowledge George Durant was Seated upon the Neck of Land, where his widow now lives, on or before George Catchmaid came into the Country for to Seat, & that Catchmaid did obtain. A Pattent from Sir Wm Berkeley, for the Whole Tract." July 8, 1693.
No. 382. Dep. of Caleb Caloway aged 48, "that George Durant was Seated upon ye Neck of Land where his Widow now lives," before George Catchmaid; & the Dept was a witness to the Bill of Sale, by which Durant bought it of the King of Yawpim Indians, & that he had been informed that Mr. Catchmaid had a Pattent from Sir Wm Berkeley for the Whole Tract. July 13, 1693. Before us, Wm Wilkinson, Henderson Walker. Reg Oct 24, 1716. John Stepney Reg.
No. 383. Robert Harman of Perq Pre'ct, "do Revoke a deed of Gift from me to my son-in-aw Anthony Wherry," bearing date April 10, 1715, "we both being well agreed it should be so." Seal May 24, 1716. Test. Smith. Samuel Wiatt.
No. 384. Richard Wedby "Doe assign Right of Pattent," with my wife (Sarah) to John Arnold. Sarah Whedbee her dower right. Test. Wm Hill, Richard Whedbee. Court at the House of Mrs. Elizabeth French.
No. 385. Perquimans. Wm Godfrey of afore for £30 s10 pd by Thomas Holloway, of same, "assigns Pattent, with all appurtenances belonging" to William Godfrey "as heir of John Godfrey." Aug 28, 1712. Test. Wm. Norris, Susanna Norris.
No. 386. Lewis Alex Knight of Pasquotank Pre'ct, for £30 pd by Joseph Sutton Jun'r, of Perq Pre'ct, "assigns Right of within Deed of Sale." Oct 9, 1716. Test. Francis Toms, Richard Leary. Court at the House of Mrs Eliz. French.
No. 387. Thomas Elliott of N. C. "for Love I bear my son Win Elliott of Afore' Have given, Part of Tract, Granted to me Aug 27, 1714, in Perq Pre'ct, on Nathan Newbys line, & the line of James Thigpen - 200a "with all appurtenances." 8d 8mo 1716. Test. Jo. Jessop, Richard Leary. Margaret Elliott her dower right.
No. 388. Win Kitching of Perq Pre'ct, "to fulfill the will of Daniel Snook Dec'd "do give to Thomas Lilly of afore "Parcell of Land, in the Narrows of Perq River, Above ye Bridge," adj Isaac Wilsons Land, whereon Thomas Lilly now liveth -100a, in poss of said Lilly. Reg Oct 24, 1716. Test. Jo. Jessop, Richard Whedbee.
No. 389. James Thigpen Sen'r, & Margaret his wife of Perq Pre'ct, Planter— for £11, to be pd by Richard Morris of same, Planter—sold 100a "taken out of Pattent" of 300a granted 1696, at a Place called "Chinquopin Orchard" up the Branch of Cypress Swamp, adj Ann Wilson. Oct 9, 1716. Test. Win Havett, Elizabeth Nixon. "A true Copy made by order of Court, of Deed book A, from the Originals." Nov 8, 1808. By William Jones, Benjamin Albertson.

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